Hydrotherapy is exercise and movement carried out in a heated pool. Under the guidance of trained health professionals exercise programs can be developed using their knowledge and given the unique properties of the water improve movement and function and decrease pain.

Individual Aquatic Physiotherapy

Comet Healthcare offer a one on one service to deliver aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is to assist with the rehabilitation or maintenance of neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary function of the client. The duration of the aquatic physiotherapy session will be determined by the physiotherapist following initial assessment.

Physiotherapy Prescribed Water Based Exercise Program

Clients will be able to access the pool independently following a thorough screening assessment and pool safety screening. For clients referred though an external physiotherapists, government or private you will be required to meet the same screening requirements and have an up to date physiotherapy water-based exercise program that you can present at time of hydrotherapy appointment.

The duration of individual hydrotherapy appointments will be 20 – 30 minutes.

Can I access the hydrotherapy pool without a physiotherapy assessment?

No. All clients wishing to utilise the hydrotherapy pool will be required to have a physiotherapy assessment prior. The assessment and facilitation of the program can be carried out by Comet Healthcare or an external physiotherapy provider.

Is there access to showers and changing areas?

Both shower and changing areas are available. The shower is in a shared space and should be used as a rinse shower only before moving into private changing areas.

How will I get into and out of the pool?

For clients who are able, a three-step access is the most convenient access point to the hydrotherapy pool. Alternatively, for clients that may require additional help a lifter into and out of the pool is available.

Can I use the hydrotherapy pool without a physiotherapist present?

For clients that are deemed safe and competent following initial screening you will be able to use the pool independently with a prescribed physiotherapy exercise program.

Can I use the hydrotherapy pool at any time the clinic is open?

There will be set times that the hydrotherapy pool will be available and in use. Please contact our admin staff on 08 7610 8242 to discuss further.