Occupational Health Management

Pre-Employment Testing

Work place pre-employment testing is common practice with people working for longer and an increasing working demand both physical and mental. Pre-employment testing is designed to ensure you are employing the right person for your workforce. Adapting testing protocols to job type and demand, assessors can help to identify risk and provide injury prevention strategies for the individual.

Working in partnership with a diverse range of leading occupational health management companies from around Australia Comet Healthcare can provide thorough, reliable and prompt pre-employment testing for all industries. Provide your company template or use Comet Healthcare’s tailored evidence-based testing to ensure accurate and consistent results every time.

Audiometry Screening

Audiometry screening is conducted to check hearing capabilities of the individual and identify any pre-existing hearing deficits that may be related to noise induced hearing loss.

You will be required to provide a detailed history of any hazardous noise task including work or recreational. Please ensure if you wear hearing aids that you bring these along to the assessment. 


A measurement of lung function. Spirometry is used to assess the degree of airflow obstruction for each participant.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Instant drug and alcohol testing can be performed in the clinic by trained assessors. Drug screens that require further investigation will be sent off site for confirmatory testing.

What do I wear?

The participant should wear lose comfortable clothing and closed in shoes. We suggest that wearing exercise attire to complete the testing.


What should I bring with me?

Please bring a form of photo ID, driver’s license or machine license with a photo is adequate. You will be required to fill out some paperwork, please bring along any eyewear that may assist you with this. A copy of any medication that you may be taking which may affect drug screening results.

What time should I arrive for my appointment?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled appointment. This will allow you enough time to fill out any additional documentation required.

Do I get a copy of my results?

The participant will not receive the results directly. We provide a copy of your results to the referring company. All queries or concerns regarding any testing results should be directed to the employer or company responsible for the testing.

Manual Handling Training

With the most common workplace injury reported by RTW SA relating to hazardous manual handling it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure employees are provided with appropriate knowledge and training when performing these tasks.

Comet Healthcare can provide manual handling training tailored to meet the needs of each employee and their specific job role. Manual handling training includes a combination of theory and hands on learning to ensure employees are well equipped to perform hazardous manual handling tasks safely.

Think we can help you, contact our staff on 08 7610 8242 to discuss. Please note we are not a registered training organisation. 

Ergonomic Workstation Assessment

An ergonomic workstation assessment looks at each individual’s workstation to provide advice and education to promote optimal working postures and ergonomics work practices. Recommendations following workstation assessment may relate to seating, monitors, ergonomic accessories including headsets, keyboards etc. and flooring.

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