Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapists work with individuals to promote participation in all aspects of their lives. Activities that are supported can be broken down into three broad categories these include leisure, self-care and productivity.

Leisure activities are for relaxation, play and enjoyment. These activities may include but are not limited to reading, sewing, bike riding or playing sports.

Self-care activities is any activity required to promote independence at home, work or school. These activities may include but are not limited to personal hygiene, dressing, cooking and cleaning.

Productivity activities are regular tasks used to encourage particular outputs. These activities may include work or schooling.

Occupational Therapists specialise in a variety of areas

  • Upper limb and hand dexterity following injury
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Sensory issues including challenges with emotional regulation
  • Sleep and toilet training
  • Supporting independence in personal care and living skills
  • Equipment prescription and technology advancements
  • Transition and participation at school, workplace or recreational activities

Do I need a referral?

No referral is needed if you are receiving treatment as a private patient.

A referral is required if your assessment and treatment is funded by NDIS, DVA or Medicare.

Return to Work SA clients will need to provide their claim number and work place contact at time of initial appointment.

How long is an assessment?

Initial consult appointments for new clients or returning clients with a new complaint will be 45 – 60 minutes. Follow up appointment duration will be at the discretion of the treating occupational therapist. Standard follow up appointments are 30 mins.

Do you have seniors / pensioner rates?

Yes. Refer to our fee guide.

You will need to produce appropriate identification to receive the discounted rate.

Where can I access this service?

Occupational therapy services can be carried out in the clinic, home, work or school environment or at a recreational activity. Please note that before our therapists can attend a risk assessment of the intended location of service will need to be completed.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring any relevant medical documentation including imaging, specialist reports, medication lists or any other information that you deem relevant to your current complaint.

If the appointment is being paid by a third party eg NDIS please bring appropriate documentation including referral, claim number, insurance details.

Private health card and Medicare card for on the spot claiming.